Essentiality of Changes in Business Models

Erika Asnina


Although the fact of adaptation to changes itself does not guarantee the success in the future, an organization must adapt to changes as fast as possible in order to have sustainable business. This paper considers only one aspect of the adaptation process, which is related to changes in organization supporting software. Undoubtedly, the organization should assess the essentiality of software changes to its business activities, their impact on business supporting software, and the necessary speed of adaptation. Business complexity that is a problem for assessment can be handled by business models that represent different aspects of organization’s work. This paper discusses the definition of change essentiality, as well as layers of a business model affected by changes, and proposes a common view of components and a way of determination of the essentiality of changes.


Business model, change, essentiality of software change.

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DOI: 10.7250/bsc.2013.6

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