A View-based Approach to Quality of Service Modelling in Service-oriented Enterprise Systems

Audrone Lupeikiene, Jolanta Miliauskaite, Albertas Caplinskas


Service-oriented enterprise architecture and emerging advanced technologies bring up new problems for enterprise systems engineering or, more exactly, for service-oriented enterprise systems (SoESs) engineering. One of the most important issues is the modelling of quality of services (QoS). The QoS is a complex and multi-sided concept. In various contexts and for different aims it may be defined quite differently. In the context of SoES, QoS has also some specifics that in several aspects differ from the systems implementing service-oriented architecture (SOA) in other contexts, for example, in business-to-consumer or utility-service ones. The paper suggests that it is possible to identify several understandings of QoS reflecting the viewpoints of different SoES stakeholders in a similar way as it is carried out for software products. It also proposes a conceptual view-based framework for QoS modelling in web-based SoES and for balancing different viewpoints.


Service-oriented enterprise systems, quality of service, view-based modelling, view reconciliation.

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DOI: 10.7250/bsc.2013.2

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