A Business Process Modelling Approach to Communication Management in Projects

Michał Kuciapski


Evolution in business processes, information systems and modelling notations has resulted in the development of modern modelling languages, such as BPMN or UML. In elaborated notations it could be noticed that there is a high concentration on the activities of processes with the lack or insufficient integration of many important management categories such as communication, quality or risk. This indicates that it is still necessary to further improve modelling approaches. As presented in the literature, especially a systematic approach to communication management is crucial to enable organizations to successfully carry out their projects. Thus, modelling notations should take into account communication management-related features. The main objective of the article is to propose a modelling notation for communication management of business and project processes that would enable better communication between relevant parties. It begins by introducing the current state of modelling notations. The introduction is a starting point for the second section, which contains a presentation of an elaborated communication management notation for business and project processes as a separate diagram type. The next part of the paper shows the verification of this elaborated modelling approach. The article concludes with a summary.


Communication management, project management, business process modelling notation, business process modelling

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DOI: 10.7250/bsc.2013.10

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